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Chapter 5.
(follows chapter 6 and 7)
Naruko blinked from surprise at the fact, before her, her clone was holding another her.
Sasuke and Sakura looked surprised from their hidden places in the bushes. But there surprise was soon replaced with a sweat-drop as Naruko began to attack herself, trying to find which one her, was in fact Kakashi, and she was beating herself black and blue.
"HEY! WAIT A MINUTE." One clone said, "Drop the illusion, if you do, all the clones will disappear leaving on the two."
"Hey thats a good idea... why didn't you think of that sooner you idiot?" Naruko said.
"Because I'm YOU you baka." the clone frowned.
A second later all the clones were dispelled in a single burst of smoke... leaving Naruko standing in the field... alone... and with a bruises as she cried at the fact she really did just beat herself up.
Sakura and Sasuke meanwhile just frowned at her as they sweat-dropped. It was obvious that Kakashi had used a substitution jutsu.

Naruko walked around, trying to find the white haired jounin, and as she looked, near the base of a tree she noticed something glinting in the sunlight.
"A BELL?!" she cried in joy, "He must have dropped one. Man I must have really flustered him!!" she giggled as she skipped over to it to pick it up.
But just before her hand touched it she felt herself getting jerked away and bouncing in mid air as she had fallen in to a trap, and her legs were now caught, and she was hanging upside down from the tree, the bell under her, but out of reach.
She pouted, but soon noticed someone walking closer. Kakashi casually strolled up and picked up the bell.
"You used your technique well, but so did I, and you ended up tricked." he said. "... and falling for such an obvious trap... was stupid. You know, shinobi read situations and see hidden meanings in the hidden meanings."
Naruko frowned, annoyed, and held her skirt so it didn't fall down. "I KNOW THAT... in fact I see you put this trap here to make my skirt fall didn't you... you PERVERT!!!" she cried out.
Kakashi sighed. "I'm thinking you say that a lot."
"All guys are perverts." she said. "That's why you all do perverted things like this."
"I don't think you do get it, because you would remember you're wearing shorts." he then pointed out. "So if your theory was right, it wouldn't have worked."
"Well... umm... Whatever." She said, crossing her arms, and letting her skirt drop since she was wearing her black training shorts.
As Naruko swung there, pouting, she was surprised by the sudden appearance of several shurikin that impacted Kakashi's head, knocking him down.
Naruko screamed out. "OH MY GOD!!!" She looked over to see Sasuke in a tree. "SASUKE! THAT WAS OVER KILL!".
But just as she shouted that, Kakashi's body hit the ground and turned in to log. Another substitution. This surprised both Naruko and Sasuke.
"DAMN!!! he tricked me in to thinking he was off guard... now I've given away my position." he said as he suddenly moved from his exposed spot.
Sakura chased after him, but quickly lost sight of her crush, and began fearing the worst. 'Perhaps Kakashi-sensei got him... no... not Sasuke.' she thought.
She then stopped as she noticed her new sensei ahead, and hid. But then. "Sakura... behind you." came a voice, as Sakura turned to see the jounin.

Naruko, meanwhile, had finally escaped by cutting the rope that held her up. After she landed gracefully back on the ground, she went to stand up again, only to find that a second trap had been set up, and she was once again hanging from the tree upside down.
"OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!" she screamed as she furiously wriggled around waving her arms.

Sakura found herself wandering around in a daze, wondering what had just happened, the last thing she remembered was Kakashi, and then a blur as leaves seemed to swirl around her, and she found herself alone.
"Sakura..." came a weakened moan, causing her to turn.
"SASUKE!" she called out happy to hear his voice as she turned to him, only to have her face drop as she became horrified at the sight before her. Sasuke deeply wounded by several dozen kunai and shurikin, the wounds dripping red with blood.
"H-Help...m-me..." Sasuke groaned, pained from the wounds.
Sakura became more and more distressed and screamed out before she fainted.
Nearby, reading his book, make-out paradise, Kakashi was watching her as she fell to the ground, foaming at the mouth, unable to accept or comprehend what it was she was seeing.
"Maybe it was a little much." he said to himself.
The scream echoed through the forest, and turned the head of Sasuke. "That scream... Sakura?" he said to himself.
"The second ninjutsu skill... genjutsu: the art of illusion." said the familiar voice of Kakashi as he stood nearby, still reading, the two bells at his waist clinking gently in the wind. "And Sakura fell for it."
"Well, I'm not like them."  Sasuke said confidently.
"Save you boasts until you've got a bell." he said, "Although, the strength of the Uchiha clan, the most powerful ninja clan in Konoha... I'm looking forward to seeing it."

They both stared at each other, confidently, and a moment later, Sasuke whipped out some shuriken and threw them at Kakashi, who easily dodged them.
"A frontal assault is wasted here." he advised. But then noticed a rope get cut as it released a barrage of knives at the jounin.
"A trap!!" he said as he once again, easily dodged them, only to find the assault wasn't over as Sasuke came at him from behind, in a continued assault with a barrage of kicks, and punches, that were expertly executed, but simply blocked and deflected by Kakashi. And when Sasuke managed to touch one of the bells, Kakashi backed off.
'This ones good, I can't even read make-out paradise while fighting him.' Kakashi thought to himself. "I admit." he then said. "You're not like the others."
Sasuke just smirked a little as he began to rapidly make a series of hand signs, then call out, "FIRE STYLE! FIREBALL TECHNIQUE!" this made Kakashi look worried.
"WHAT!!" he said "That skill is beyond the capacity of a novice, his chakra shouldn't have developed enough yet!!"
A moment later the whole area was engulfed in flame as Sasuke shot out a ball of fire.
Once the technique had finished, Sasuke blinked at the fact Kakashi had disappeared. As he wondered where he had gone, he looked above him, and all around him, before finally looking down; but it was too late...
"Earth style! Groundhog technique... decapitation." came the muffled voice as a hand burst from the earth and grabbed the Uchiha's ankle, before instantly dragging him down, until Sasuke was up to his neck.
Kakashi knelt before him "Lesson number three... Ninjutsu." he said, "But... at least you were right, your performance was above that of your companions."
Sasuke just frowned, disappointed in himself for getting in to such a predicament.
Kakashi then pulled out his book, and turned as he stood up, before leaving.
As Sasuke remained trapped, he continued to get frustrated with himself. Sakura meanwhile had finally come around, and wondered where Sasuke had gone to, only to find him... at least his head, on the ground.
She screamed once again, fainting again, making Sasuke sweat-drop.
When she finally awoke, she saw Sasuke and instantly hugged him. "YOU'RE ALIVE!!" She cried out.
"Yeah... fine... ok." he said, feeling a little awkward. "You can let go now."
Sakura released her crush, although a little hesitantly, and soon they were both stood, and ready to continue.
"Times running out." Sasuke said "Times running out, so I'm off."
"Sasuke... do you honestly believe you can get one of those bells?" Sakura asked.
"I've gotten close enough to touch hem, next time, I'll get one." he said.
"WH-what?!" Sakura said. "WOW! You're so amazing." She happily smiled, impressed by the Uchiha, although worried, since if Sasuke was finding it difficult, how could she ever be able to acquire one, and therefore stay with Sasuke, and if she didn't, would that mean she would get sent back, and separated from him. "Umm... There's no more time and... well... even if we couldn't manage it this time... I'm sure, next time, if we give it our all..."
But before she could finish, Sasuke gave her a glare, and she instantly went quiet, and looked down, regretting saying it, Sasuke wasn't one for accepting failure, and she was saying they would. But there was more.
"Only I can kill him." he suddenly said.
"Who?" Sakura blinked, "Master Kakashi?"
"He made me cry... my..." Sasuke added as he looked saddened. "My only goal is to have my revenge... I have to become stronger than he is now."
Those words rang through Sakura's head, and reminded her of the goal he once told them, about someone he must kill.

Naruko meanwhile, had escaped once again from the rope and was back on the ground, and was at the memorial stone.
She was grinning as she sat down with everyone's lunches.
"Hee-hee...even if I can't take those bells fair and square, I can deal with it, I'll just hang out here and eat everyone's lunch." she mischievously said, although a 'Ahem' from behind her caught her attention. "I... umm... just... kidding" she nervously said.
"Too late." Came Kakashi's voice.

Several minutes later, the bell rang and the team of genin were gathered.
Naruko had been tied to one of three wooden posts.
Kakashi stood before them as Sasuke and Sakura sat their looking defeated, and all three of their stomachs rumbling from hunger.
"Oh my, listen to your stomachs growl." he commented, "By the way... I have a announcement about this exercise. None of you have to worry about being sent back to the academy."
This excited Naruko and Sakura, happy they didn't have to go back, although Sakura was more surprised since she had done nothing but faint the entire time, even Sasuke cracked a smile.
"THIS ROCKS!!" Sakura and Naruko cried out in victory, "That means all three of us..."
"...are hopeless." Kakashi interrupted, "More schooling would be pointless, NONE of you will EVER be shinobi."
All three of the genin looked shocked, how could this be?

To be continued...
Naruto/Naruko and its characters © Masashi Kishimoto

Didn't feel like drawing today, so finished this chapter o Naruko :)

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