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Chapter 1.

It was a clear, sunny day in the village of Konoha, and everyone was going about their business as usual, especially a young blonde haired girl called, Uzumaki Naruko.
She sat in a bosons chair high above the village, her long blond hair pigtails, gently moving in the wind, and a pair of goggles on her head, glinting in the sun. “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” Naruko giggled as she spread paint over the Hokage faces.

“NARUKO! COME DOWN HERE!” shouted a man as a crowd began to gather.
“Oh you’re just jealous because I’ve got the guts to do something like this. I RULE!” Naruko shouted as she laughed loudly.
“NARUKO! GET DOWN FROM THERE IMMEDIATELY!” The third Hokage called out as he walked on the scene.
“No way.” Naruko replied, sticking out her tongue, and continuing to paint the thirds stone face.
“WHAT?! HOW DARE YOU?! THAT’S MY FACE!” The third shouted.
“Lord Hokage... I can’t apologise enough for her behaviour.” Iruka said as he walked up.
“Oh... Iruka.” The Hokage said, as Iruka took a deep breath.
“OH CRAP! Iruka Sensei! I’m screwed.” Naruko squealed.

A short while later Naruko and Iruka were in the academy class, and Naruko was tied up and sitting on the floor.
“You get off on tying young girls up don’t you Iruka sensei?” Naruko pouted. “I should report you.”
“Oh give me a break Naruko.” Iruka sighed. “It’s so you don’t run away.”
“I KNEW IT! You’re a lolicon rapist!” Naruko cried, jokingly.
“WOULD YOU QUIT IT WITH THE JOKES!” Iruka commanded. “Tomorrow is graduation, and everyone in your class will almost certainly pass and become ninja. While YOU have already flunked out TWICE! And you go and choose NOW to start acting up?!”
“So...” Naruko said, defiantly.
“Grrr...” Iruka gritted his teeth, “THAT’S IT, because of you, THE ENTIRE CLASS WILL BE REVIEWING HENGE NO JUTSU.”
“WHAAAAAT?!” the entire class said in an uproar.
“Just come down and conjure up a transformation, which looks like me.” Iruka explained.

One by one the students took their turn in transforming into Iruka, until eventually it was Naruko’s turn.
“Next up... Uzumaki.” Iruka said, checking his list.
Naruko stepped forward and brushed her one pigtail aside as she grinned.
“Here I go sensei.” Naruko winked, playfully.  “TRANSFORM” she cried as she charged her chakra.
Iruka’s jaw dropped as before him stood an older, naked version of Naruko.
“WHA!!!!!” Iruka cried as blood shot out of his nose, propelling him backwards.
“I call it my Sexy Jutsu.” She laughed. “It’s really just me though when I’m older.” She grinned.
“Y-you think you’ll look like that?” Iruka said as he got back on his feet.
“Yep... I’ll be super hot.” Naruko said.
Naruko just laughed her head off.

But she wasn’t laughing for long, as later that day she was stuck washing the paint off of the stone faces, mumbling as she did.
Iruka looked down, keeping an eye on her, from above.
“You’re not going to leave here until all the paint has been removed.” Iruka said with a strict tone.
“SO WHAT!” Naruko shouted defiantly, “It’s not like anyone is waiting for me at home.”
Naruko then continued on with her work.
Iruka stood watching her, and could see she was working hard. But what she had said, had also struck at him.
“Naruko.” He said.
“Now what? You want me to go faster?” Naruko pouted.
“Actually.” Iruka started, “How about after you’re through, I... I treat you to a bowl of ramen.”
“REALLY?!” Naruko shouted up, excited.
“Just one though.” Iruka said.
“ALRIGHT!” she shouted. “Now that’s motivation!”
Naruko quickly returned to work, humming, but stopped a second later.
“Wait.” She grinned, she couldn’t resist saying it. “Isn’t dating your students wrong.” She laughed.
Iruka nearly fell off the statue when he heard her say it. “IT’S NOT A DATE!” he shouted.
Naruko just laughed.

Later that evening, Naruko and Iruka were sat at Ichiraku’s, and they were both enjoying a bowl of ramen.
“Naruto.” Iruka said, “Why, of all the places, did you decide to deface the Hokage monument? You do understand who the Hokage are, right?”
“Of course I do.” Naruko replied. “To be Hokage you have to have been the best Shinobi in the village. It was the fourth Hokage who saved our village by defeating the demon fox.”
“Ok then... so why?” Iruka asked, curious to her intentions.”
“Because one of these days I’ll be Hokage.” Naruko replied as she slurped up more Ramen. She then turned to Iruka with a serious look on her face, pointing her chopsticks at him and announced, “I’m gonna surpass all of them, and be the greatest Hokage of all time, and then everyone will respect me at last.” Naruko ate some more ramen and smiled as she swallowed it. “And what’ll make it all the more sweet, is that’ I’ll be the first female Hokage.”
Iruka was a little surprised by her seriousness, but smiled a little.
“Say... Sensei! Can I ask you a favour?” Naruko said, putting her hands together praying he would say yes.
“Another bowl of Ramen?” Iruka asked, sure that was it.
“Uhh... actually... I was wondering if I could try on your headband on.” She said, pulling a cute pose, and looking at him with puppy-dog eyes.
“My... This?” Iruka smiled, adjusting his headband a little. “No. Not yet Naruko. Not a chance.” It’s a badge of adulthood. You’ll get ne when you graduate.”
“WHAT?!” Naruko pouted. “No fair.”
“So that’s why you took those silly goggles off.” Iruka laughed.

The next day, everyone in class was nervous, and Naruko’s heart was pounding, as she waited her turn. Not long ago Iruka had announced what the final exam and she was nervous. “Bunshin?! It’s my worst Jutsu. Why did it have to be Bunshin?” she thought over and over.
Several of her classmates had already gone ahead of her, and then her name came up.
In the next room Iruka and Mizuki were waiting, patiently, and kept their eyes fixed on Naruko as she strolled to the middle of the room and stood before them. She was acting cool and calm, but she was nervous underneath. She took a deep breath. “Ok... You can do it Naruko.” She thought to herself. She grinned, and charged up her chakra. “BEHOLD! A PERFECT DOUBLE!” she cried out.
Naruko looked to her side and, began to sweat as she saw a terrible, sick looking Bunshin sprawled out on the floor next to her.
Iruka was less than impressed. “YOU FAIL!” He shouted.
“Wait... Iruka.” Mizuki said, turning to his fellow judge.  “This IS his third time, and she actually managed to basically conjure up a bunshin. Even if it was... flawed. Why not give her a break?”
Naruko smiled excitedly, hoping Iruka would change his mind.
“No Mizuki. Every other  student is supposed to generate three bunshin. Naruko barely made one. With all due respect, this doesn’t merit a pass.” Iruka said.
Naruko wasn’t happy. She was mad that she hadn’t passed, and mad at Iruka, for not letting her.

A short while later all of the graduates had gathered outside to meet up with their families and friends to celebrate.
Naruko of course was sat at her usual spot on a swing under a nearby tree. She sat, as she sadly listened to all the heartfelt congratulations given to the graduates.
“Hey... isn’t that the girl who--?” said a girl, noticing  Naruko sat by herself.
“Yeah.” Said another girl, “She was the only one to fail.”
“Well , it serves her right.”
“Yeah. Can you imagine if they let HER become a Shinobi...?!” the second girl said, “I mean think about what she is...”
“Hey... don’t go there.”
Naruko  pulled down her goggles to hide the fact that tears were forming in her eyes. Their words cut into her, deeply. And a moment later, she was gone.
The third Hokage approached Iruka, who was looking over his class of graduates. “Iruka... I would like a word with you later.”
“Of course, Hokage-sama.” Iruka replied.

Not too far away, Naruko was walking down the street, alone.
“Naruko.” Came a voice from behind her.
“M-Mizuki-sensei?!” Naruko said as she turned to see him.
“Naruko. Come with me.” He said, and the two of them moved to a higher place, away from the crowds. “Iruka is a really serious guy, y’know. His parents died when he was young, so everything he’s done, he did by himself with a lot of hard work and discipline.” Mizuki explained.
“So?” Naruko said, sadly. “What’s that got to do with me?”
“You remind of when he was your age.” Mizuki replied. “He’s thinking he’s helping you to grow. So try to give him a break. Try to understand where he’s coming from. One orphan to another.”
“But... I really wanted to graduate.” Naruko sighed.
Mizuki could see the disappointment on her face, and he grinned slightly.
“Ok then! I guess there’s no choice.” He said.
“Huh?!” Naruko said, confused.
“I have a secret, one I’ve kept for a long time.” Mizuki said.

That night, the Third Hokage was wandering around his house, when he heard someone creeping through it.
“Naruko?!” he said, as he saw the young girl creeping through a room. “What are you doing in my house in the middle of the night?”
“Errr..... SEXY JUTSU!” she cried in a panic.
The sight of the sexy, adult, figure sent a shock through the Hokage, causing him to pass out from the blood that shot out of his nose.
Naruko knew she didn’t have much time, so she ran to the archive room and quickly found the scroll she was looking for.
And as she made her escape, Mizuki watched from the shadows, grinning.

Iruka was lying in bed, thinking upon his earlier meeting with the Hokage. It was a discussion about Naruko, and how she, and him, were not so dissimilar. A thought which reminded Iruka of the day his parents were killed by the demon, year ago.
A knock on the door though, interrupted his thoughts.
Iruka got up and answered the door, to find Mizuki in a panic.
“Hey... what’s up?” Iruka asked.
“It’s Naruko.” He replied, “She somehow found out about, and stolen the secret manuscript.”
“WHAT?!” Iruka cried.

A short time later, Shinobi were looking all over the place for Naruko, angry at what she had done.
Iruka had decided to check the forest first though, and before long he had discovered the blonde girl sitting on the ground.
“GOTCHA!” Iruka said, with a glare.
“About time.” Naruko grinned, happily as she stood up. Iruka then noticed how exhausted she looked. “Hee-hee. Although you were so fast, I only learned one Jutsu.”
“You look exhausted. What have you been doing?” Iruka asked, something didn’t seem right.
“Oh... Just wait until I show you.” Naruko said excitedly. “Some of the Shinobi arts are so amazing, and when I show you, you’ll have to let me graduate.”
“Huh?!” Iruka said, surprised.
“So... she came here to practice her ninjutsu? Working her-self to exhaustion.” He thought to himself.
“Naruko...” Iruka said, “What’s up with the scroll you’re carrying?”
“What...This?” Naruko said, “Mizuki-sensei told me about it, about this place and that if I could show you I’d learned the Jutsu in this scroll, you would let me become a Shinobi.” Naruko looked excited and happy as she explained,.
“Mizuki?!” Iruka thought, unsure what was going on.
Suddenly Iruka sensed danger as several kunai shot through the air. Iruka pushed Naruko to one side and out of danger as they impacted him, pushing him against the nearby hut.
Mizuki stood in a nearby tree, two large shurikin on his back. “I’m impressed that you figured out where to go.” Mizuki shouted down.
“Now I understand.” Iruka said.
Naruko looked on, confused as to what was going on, why did Mizuki attack?
“Naruko... The scroll, give it to me.” Mizuki ordered.
“Huh?!” She said, “What... What is this?!”
“Naruko, don’t let him have it. Protect that scroll with your life.” Iruka cried out. “It’s more dangerous than you know. It holds secrets of a forbidden ninja art. Mizuki used you to get it for himself.”
Naruko gasped as she shot to her feet.
“Even if you’ve read it, it will still be meaningless.” Mizuki said, “I can show you what it means.”
“MIZUKI... SHUT UP YOU FOOL!” Iruka said, as he realised where this was heading.
“Do you what really happened twelve years ago during the attack of the demon fox?” Mizuki asked Naruko, grinning. “There was a decree passed. A part of that decree was that everyone but YOU would know the truth.”
“Except me?!” Naruko said, surprised and hurt. “Why... Why not me? What are you talking about?” Mizuki just laughed.  “WHAT DECREE?!” she shouted, a tear in her eye.
“That... No one must ever tell you... that what you are... IS the demon fox!” Mizuki answered, with an evil grin.
“W-What?!” Naruko said, her head suddenly swimming in confusion, “Wh-what are you talking about!!”
“STOP IT!” Iruka shouted.
“In other words, Naruko.” Mizuki continued, regardless of Iruka, “It was you who killed Iruka’s family... YOU are the nine-tailed fox that nearly destroyed the village.” Mizuki laughed as Naruko began lose focus, more tears appearing in her eyes, as she remembered how bad she had been treated, for the first time it made sense. “The fourth Hokage trapped you and sealed you in your current form, and since then, you’ve been made a fool of by everyone in the village, despised. Didn’t you think it was strange?”
Mizuki pulled out one of his giant shurikin and began to twirl it, as Naruko, distracted by the pain in her heart, just stood there, frozen in place.
“If Iruka was to be honest too, He’d admit, he, HATES YOU TOO!! No one will ever accept you” Mizuki added as he threw the shurikin at the young blonde girl.
As Iruka saw it glide through the air, his mind was filled with thoughts of Naruko.
“You never knew a parents love. Since the day you were born, you’ve had it hard, despised by our entire village, the best you ever hoped for was attention, not love, and you found you could only get that by getting into trouble. So willing to get any criticism as long as, someone, was so willing to pay you any amount of attention!” Iruka’s eye filled with tears as he moved.
The shurikin impacted Iruka in the back as he covered Naruko.
“W-why?” Naruko asked, confused.
“I... I was so lonely without my parents. I was just like you, trying to get attention, becoming a class clown, just so I would be noticed, it was better than being a nobody. But it hurt so much.” Iruka said as his tears streamed down his face. “I... I know I was tough on you, and it must have hurt. Please... forgive me. Maybe if I had been a better teacher... no... a better person, neither of us would be here.”
Naruko was unsure what to feel, it was all too much, so she quickly got up... and ran.

Mizuki laughed as he jumped out of the tree, “Naruko has a one track mind. Now that she knows the truth, she’ll use that scroll to take revenge on the village!” Mizuki said, almost pleased, “I mean, did you see the look in her eyes, those were demon eyes. Reminds me of the old saying ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’.”
“You don’t know her at all.” Iruka said as he achingly removed the giant shuriken.
“I don’t need to know her to kill her. I just need the scroll.” Mizuki said as he leapt up and away.

Back at the Hokage’s office, the third Hokage had witnessed the events unfold, and could see in his crystal ball that Naruko was hurting, and was being driven over the edge by anger, hatred and an overwhelming feeling of loneliness.
The third was worried that the fox that had been sealed inside of her could be released, and with the scroll in her position, she would be a deadly force.

Naruko sped through the forest as fast as she could, but Iruka was coming up behind her, faster.
“Naruko. Give me the scroll, it’s what Mizuki’s really after.” Iruka shouted, But Naruko just moved and impacted Iruka, sending him flying to the ground.
“W-what are you doing Naruko?” Iruka asked as he got back to his feet, and  in a puff of smoke, revealed him-self to be Mizuki. “How did you know I wasn’t Iruka?” he asked, annoyed he had been found out so easily.
“Easy.” Naruko chuckled, as she revealed herself to be Iruka. “Because I am.” He stated.
“I see.” Mizuki said. “It’s so noble that you’re trying to save your the murderer of your parents . What will it achieve?”
“She’ll keep  the Scroll safe from you.” Iruka said, slumping down against a tree.
“You’re a fool.” Mizuki said, “She maybe a girl, but we’re just the same.  I can use the scroll to achieve limitless power, while the demon inside her hungers for it. You were right to fear her.”
Naruko was sat, hidden, nearby and listening to everything that was being said, and tears began to roll down her cheek, “Iruka... Iruka-sensei really hates me?” she thought, “So it’s true.”
“You’re right. I hate the fox demon.” Iruka stated, “But not Naruko. Not her. She plays me up a lot, she’s awkward in her training, clumsy even, and screws up a lot. But I respect her, she tries her hardest, works with all her might to overcome those challenges. And even though people have mocked and ridiculed her, it’s only made her stronger, given her empathy. She knows pain. “
Hearing this made Naruko cry even more, but this time happy with the words she was hearing.
“She IS NOT a demon. She is a citizen of Konoha, the village, hidden in the leaves.” Iruka stated, “She is Uzumaki Naruko.”
Mizuki gritted his teeth, annoyed at all of Iruka’s babbling. “That’s so sweet Iruka. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.” Mizuki said, sarcastically, as he pulled out his second large shurikin, “I WAS going to leave you for later, but I guess I should end this now. So say goodbye.”
Iruka just smiled, Naruko could be long gone now, and it made him happy she was safe and sound.
But as Mizuki rushed at him, a flash of orange moved quickly into view, striking at Mizuki and sending him flying.
“Naruko?!” Iruka thought, surprised to see her.
“Keep away from Iruka-sensei.” Naruko threatened as she placed the scroll on the ground, and glared at Mizuki  “Or I’ll KILL YOU!”
“Hah! Loudmouth little girl! I’ll kill you with one blow!” Mizuki said, confidently as he laughed.
“Bring it on, jerk.” Naruko said as she performed a hand sign. “Anything you give me... I’ll give it back a thousand fold.”
“You’re welcome to try, little girl” Mizuki said.
“KAGE BUNSHIN NO JUTSU!” Naruko shouted. The immediate area suddenly filled with countless Bunshin, all perfect copies.
Both Iruka and Mizuki were shocked at the sight.
“What the?!” The speechless Mizuki gasped, as he looked around, startled and confused.
“Come one loser, you said one punch. So bring it.” All the Naruko’s said in unison.
Mizuki was frozen to the spot, “How did she--? when did she--?”
“I guess I’ll go first then.” Naruko grinned as all of the bunshin jumped in at Mizuki.
Iruka sat and watched, smiling at his student.
“Amazing. She generated a thousand bunshin, but no only that, they’re all solid, flesh and blood replicas. One of the highest calibre Ninjutu’s.” He smiled. “I wouldn’t be surprised if she does become Hokage one day.”

A short time passed and Mizuki lay unconscious on the floor, beaten black and blue.
“Tee-hee. I guess I got carried away.” Naruko giggled in a cute way.
“Naruko. Come here for a second.” Iruka said. “I got something for you.” Naruko did so. “Now close your eyes.”
Naruko obeyed and closed her eyes tightly, and after a few moments Iruka chuckled. “Ok... you can open them now.”
Naruko opened her eyes to  proud and a smiling Iruka. “Congratulations.”  Iruka said, happily, “You graduate. And to celebrate. I’m taking you for ramen.”
Naruko, began to whimper, happily as tears welled up in her eyes, and suddenly she jumped into Iruka’s arms, happy to finally be a ninja.
Naruto/Naruko and its characters © Masashi Kishimoto

Ok. First chapter of the Naruko story. It follows the entire first chapter of the manga, with the small changes.
I hope you enjoy. :D

Question though. It's pretty long, and I figure the next chapters are going to be equally long. Is this an acceptable size, or should I cut them down into parts (I.e Chapter 002A/b/c etc)

Next -- [link]
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“REALLY?!” Naruko shouted up, excited.

“Actually.” Iruka started, “How about after you’re through, I... I treat you to a bowl of ramen.”
“YEAH RIGHT! I'm on a diet, you baka!” Naruko shouted up, enraged.

I thought it would be funny, but you might have a different humour than me.
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mattwilson83 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
:P. Yeah. I gotta keep an eye on stuff like that. It's hard to think of the NARUTO story, and not think of him, instead of her :P
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