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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 18, 2014, 8:25 AM

Hello all my lovely watchers, Mattwilson83 here.


First off I would like to thank you all for your messages of wellbeing, and support, it all helped me through this difficult time, so now I think you should all understand what it was that had happened to me.

Yes, I was quite sick since Saturday, barely eating, constantly nauseous, headaches, and generally in a stressed form, but what caused it is nothing like food poisoning, or a medical condition, (though my IBS didn’t exactly help as it is aggravated by high stress, though I do manage to keep my stress generally to safe levels, lol) The fact is, on Saturday myself and Kacie (aka DemonKaizoku ) separated as boyfriend and girlfriend.

While it caused stress for us both, I felt I could no longer be with her romantically.
I won’t go in to the details, etc, so please don't ask, and please don't bother her either.

Your words of encouragement, my friend GuardianOfTheFlame and others, as well as just working at a more relaxed level on various things, (and even playing wizard101) and playing with the kids a bit, has helped me out a lot in feeling better.
I got the assumption people thought I had got the plague or something, so sorry for the misunderstanding, didn’t want the details to come out just yet.

This was also not a mutual agreement, as I broke up with Kacie.

Though, saying all this, while I no longer am in love with Kacie, I do not hate her, and we are currently, despite it all, trying to recover our friendship, as that, at least, is mutually held dear to us both.
So wish us luck on maintaining that, as break-ups don’t always hold friendships, but so far, so good, we have chatted several times this week already, and things seem to be going well so far, with the exception of some hesitations in what can be said, and talked about.

But, there is always the never ending beat of time to see what happens.

We’re still working out some details to be comfortable with, routines that we used to do such as watching MLP:FiM after her work on Saturday, which I am up for.

We’re taking our friendship one step at a time.

So, while this has been a tough time, there is no hate for her, no blame, and while I still feel bad for hurting her with breaking up, I am glad she still accepts a friendship from me.



So, other news.

NHC: I have been slowly working on it, and it will resume on Monday.

VoA: Should return for the second half of the chapter next week too.

Guardian: Still working on the thumbnails for the following week, but may have the cover out next week.

Commissions/Requests: Going on slowly, but with some extra time this week finished a couple of things, and hope to have more done for next week also.
I’m also thinking of re-evaluating things.
Possible alterations…
-Pricing change in commissions.
-No more free comic requests, unless it’s a single page / strip. (Just too much work and too many people demanding it faster)
-All sketched pictures free.
-colour/toning pay only.
-Monthly commission quota. 5 commissions a month accepted only, with possible acceptation to early conclusions.
-Same as above for Requests, but once I have finished what requests I already have. Which are A LOT!! Damn my yes-ness!!

I am still thinking and it won’t come in to play until AT LEAST the commissions are finished, and I have more to do. (The current list on the journal is only some, and needs to be updated)

so, that is all for now, and until next time and for always, NHFTW!!


Commission Info by mattwilson83
Request Info by mattwilson83

For my other galleries, please ask me.

NHC: Latest chapter seems to simply bring out the haters without knowing the plots I have in mind, so... 

707 deviants said Ignore them, and do as you please...
29 deviants said Erase the chapter, start again, but tell us what you would have done with the HanaMoe, and SakuIno if you HAD continued...
10 deviants said Screw plot and drama, Erase the chapter and restart from scratch...



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Hey Matt, did you get my answer to your response to the note?
Get well soon.
9tailsfox1 2 days ago  New member Hobbyist Artist
hope you get better but we would like to know when you post more pictures
Beware the crazies that might come after you now. I hope you will have more luck in the relationship department than one of my former classmate. I think she's with her 6th boyfriend since I known her...? At least this one seems to be working out, but I did promise her to buy her a tazer for her birthday, just in case.
naruhinafever 5 days ago  New member
get well man and take ur time resting
Blue-panther-05 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Get well soon and best wishes to you and yours
littlepans 6 days ago  New member
Prayin' for 'ya!
Please, rest and get better! My day wouldn't be the same without you
Sending well wishes across the pond from the states. Get better soon!
*sends you Rina to nurse you back to health*
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