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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 11, 2015, 2:49 PM

Something some may not know, some may have gathered from well... knowing me, or just picking up subtle clues, i can only guess, and some may have just been right out told by me, but I can be an emotional guy, and I admit it. I cried at the end of titanic when I first saw it, I cried at the end of Big Hero 6, and well, when i first completed LoZ Links awakening (the gameboy game) i really got emotional after spending over a week trying to complete it the first time. I get attached, I get drawn in, and I have a hard time with change and conclusions.

So yeah, I'm well in touch with my feelings... well, most of the time. I can also be greatly indifferent to much too.

So why am I saying this?

Well, mostly it's my journals, I always seem to be worried about things, when I post a journal. They tend to be about my worries and fears, and angers, and I guess it's fine, it certainly helps. Cuz I do worry.
Anyway, yesterday I finally got around to watching 'The Last' and loved the film, and the NaruHina-ness was beautiful. And I think relationship wise it does great. THough on the otherside there still a few questions unanswered, like, how did Naruto forget that Hinata said she loved him during the pein arc?

But anyway, this isn't a review about the movie, nor is it me really whining, or saying much more than, this is me right now, as I am.

After the movie I honestly... I felt depressed, empty. maybe I was emotionally drained, I dunno, but all day sunday I was... out of sorts. Still worked on stuff, focusing on trying not to let myself get depressed, and upset, and trying to get mys spirits back. But i had things going on around in my head. Problems, feelings, inspiration... but still feeling emotionally dry to life. Maybe I am sick of where I am, still living at home, no true career, no IRL job, living of what meager cash I can gather through commissions and Patreon. Forseeing all the work I have yet to do for commissions and requests. And then wondering... what next? Where am I headed? I really don't know. I have plans, i have dreams, and I pray that they will come true one day, but there were many thoughts around Naruto...

Despite Boruto movie is out in japan now, and the rumoured Hinata/hanabi spin off for the Anime, I am wondering what is next? Will the franchise, so popular and important begin to fade? Will Kishi continue with a Boruto spin off manga? or fill in the what, 12-15 year gap that came after 'The Last'?

I dunno.

But it also got me feeling bad about... well NHC. I started to feel like my portrayal of them hasn't been the best, that I could have done better. I wanted more of the romance to be shown, more NaruHina goodness. I spent the rest of the day working on stuff, but felt like My all time favourite pairing has been neglected, and that just made me feel sad. And so... it led to me... rethinking a lot. And a lot.... and more after that.

I literally wrote out the plan for every chapter of NHC up to chapter 200 (10 chapters, thats 20 weeks excluding breaks) and a few after, and made sure every chapter has at least some Naruto in it. it also concludes a couple of arcs. But I have set myself the rule that no matter what, no matter which arc, there will always be some Naruto, or Hinata scene in a chapter.

But i also had other idea's including something about NarutoQuest (which i am talking with Dragonkinght12 about as co-writer), and new comic idea's with NaruHina!
But the biggest thinking was, concerning NHC's very existence! Just random thoughts, just notions, ideas, and various other things.

One idea is a reboot called 'NHC-After the Last' Which is a comic, like NHC, following the canon, beginning right after the movie, but before the wedding. It is their first dates, growing closer, the proposal, and then continues on afterwards. It would include 'theoretical' plots on how the characters got with who, though still focusing on NaruHina, and take it up to the Birth of Boruto, and himawari. And as in NHC would probably include NHC OC characters in a revised, and refreshed light. This would mean that I would either END NHC, or like NarutoQuest make NHC-AtL a monthly comic, or somehow try and do both at the same time (which would get confusing), or swap, one chapter of each, one after the other.

I may just do it anyway, and make it proper, inked, toned, etc. I dunno. 
I just have so much running through my head right now, and the NaruHina feels is just... its trying to explode out of me. Which is why I spent WAY more time on this >>>Card 04: NaruHina: One Rainy Night! by mattwilson83 <<< than I should have. i wanted these cards to be quick things, but I just needed to make it beautiful, and i spent a couple of hours on it. Maybe it succeeded, maybe it didn't, but I just wanted to make my OTP look great. Maybe i am getting emotional again, maybe I am just driven by my fandom for two manga characters, and making me sad that new canon material will simply not exist soon? Will i be the only one doing it? will I become the guy who can't let go of this awesome pairing simply because a series ended (though I hope the anime continues on and does this hinata/hanabi spin off. If anyone hears news about it, PLEASE tell me) Naruto may continue on beyond Kishimoto, I feel it must certainly, perhaps if I do NHC:AtL properly I can propose it to Shonen Jump, get paid to keep the Naruto series going further!! would be awesome. But thats wishful thinking!
I doubt Kishi, or anyone from Shonen Jump has even heard of, or read any of NHC, I really don't know, I wish they would, lol. Anyway, my feels are up at the moment, so expect a lot more Naruhina stuff when I can't help myself!

Anyway, that is all for now, Until next time and always NHFTW!! cuz its canon and awesome, and I need more!!


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xVLRx Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  New Deviant
Matt I love everything on this channel, for starters give yourself a pat on the back, then immeditaly proceed to getting an ice cream you deserve it, also never change we all love your stuff an it would break our hearts if you stop any of these, (no pressure)

- loving fan
SirGuito Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Question, since when you're working on your Doujinshi?

I Know it's already a couple of years, but exactly since wich year?
Antonbert Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2015
Could I ask you a question about one of your Onaji characters? I'm a big fan of the series and I'm curious about something.
yadakakadu Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Send him a PM (private message)! Do try not to act less intelligent than you are in front of others please.
Xykon-7549 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
Sheesh dude, it was just a question about the work he already posts online. No need to chastise him that much about it...
yadakakadu Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2015
I meant "don't act stupid 'cause you are not". It's just the comments like "can I ask you a question?" , "do you do requests?" ! I want to believe that people are not stupid, so they shoud realize that they can ask their questions without any consequence, and there is a big bright REQUEST button just in front of their eyes! If they bother to read his journal, they find out that matt is a cool guy, which means the worst that can happen is that he has no time to answer. 
Antonbert Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
I apologize.
Ganthet2814 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015
Dude I kind see what you are talking about here. But I don't want to see NHC end. I love the work that you have done, it is better then the original idea. You have worked long and hard on it. I also dig what you are doing with NarutoQuest and look forward to you do with it. I guess it is me being selfish, but I look forward to reading your work and I reread it now and then. You have inspired me to write and create, do something other then the day to day stuff. So I say keep on trucking man. If you need a break to sort your ideas out then do so. Well I have said my piece and look forward to your work. Laters.  
Antonbert Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
Hello there! I must admit, I've grown rather fond (in particular, from what I've read) of your ONAJI comics. I'd like to ask you a question, if you could spare me just a moment?
SkyXfactor Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015
NHC don't end it...
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